Century Flooring Oak and Maple Hardwood Floor Reviews

Hardwood floor reviews, we have covered a lot of hardwood and engineered flooring over the course of the past month. Mullican, Anderson, Somerset are all some big names we have reviewed and our article today covers another great manufacturer…Century Flooring.

American Carpet Wholesalers offers Century Flooring hardwoods and engineered floors at low prices and available in a great variety of sizes and colors. These floors also give the consumer choices in hardness, shade variation, photosensitivity, and character class.

century flooring cabot collection oak hardwood floor

Cabot Oak 5″ Solid Hardwood Flooring

The Cabot Collection has a terrific looking 5” oak hardwood plank with eased edging and a 15 year warranty. The Cabot Oak is rated as stable on the photosensitivity scale (stable to 10), with stable being the least likely to have changes occur due to exposing the hardwood to light.  Cabot Oak is a vintage class hardwood from Century Flooring and is going to give your room a natural variation in characteristics and color. There will be worn qualities, as well as mineral and various natural marks like knots that are all there on purpose. Century finishes its hardwood and engineered floors with strict quality controls at its factory and is installation ready with no need for sanding or staining.

Century Flooring also offers great quality engineered flooring. The Barnwell Collection offers both a hickory finish and maple finish engineered hardwood floor in 5” plank widths.

century flooring engineered hardwood flooring

Century Flooring Engineered Floor in Walnut

These engineered floors are also stable for photosensitivity and has a matte finish. The Century Flooring company places these engineered floors in the Character Class that offers the most natural color variation and marks. A rustic style with a good amount of contrast in its pattern and color and that really adds some personality to a room.

For more information on pricing and all the available styles visit American Carpet Wholesalers website, or call 800-548-2706 and get any questions answered by a flooring expert.


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