Natural Cork – EcoCork Flooring Review

natural cork ecocork flooring marmol style review

Natural Cork – EcoCork Flooring – Marmol Style

Natural cork flooring by EcoCork is a great choice for those looking for healthy flooring that can last for years.

Natural cork from EcoCork is made from naturally renewable cork that is environmentally friendly and is a very comfortable indoor flooring choice. Cork is a warm and comfortable material underfoot that is also resilient to many types of accidents that would ruin other flooring. Cork is also naturally anti-microbial, fire-resistant, and is resistant to mold, mildew and wood destroying pests. Cork is also a great alternative to carpet if you suffer from allergies. That is a set of benefits that cork comes by inherently that no other floor type can give.

EcoCork Natural cork flooring  is available from American Carpet Wholesalers and is durable and protected by multiple coats of UV cured acrylic. This makes general cleaning and sweeping easy, and the use of a hardwood floor cleaner is encouraged to help keep it clean and maintained. Simply adding a new coat of polyurethane will refresh your floor when it shows signs of wear. If you just give the cork flooring simple care it can last for decades.

natural cork ecocork flooring roca style review

Natural Cork – EcoCork Flooring – Roca Style

Natural Cork flooring is made up of prism shaped cork cells and each of these are full of air.

This makes your cork flooring a great inhibitor of temperature and sound. The noise reducing qualities make EcoCork great for use in multi-level homes and housing and anywhere you don’t want to have impact noise (like that from heels on shoes hitting the floor). It also makes the flooring warmer underfoot so taking a walk on the cork flooring on a cold day or night is warm and comfortable instead of cold and uncomfortable.

American Carpet Wholesalers has a great selection of EcoCork flooring available at their website. While you are viewing their online catalog give their flooring experts a call at 1-800-548-2706 if you have any questions or need to discuss what your flooring project needs.

natural cork ecocork flooring review

Natural Cork EcoCork Flooring in a wide variety of colors and styles available at American Carpet Wholesalers.


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