Mullican Hardwood Floors Offer Great Price and Top Quality

For nearly 30 years Mullican hardwood flooring has been a top choice for the home. All of the high quality Mullican solid hardwood and much of their engineered flooring is produced in the USA and uses sustainable hardwood supplies. In fact the hardwoods used by Mullican have been independently verified as  being sustainable by Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers, Inc.

Muirfield Solid Hardwood Flooring in Maple

Muirfield Solid Hardwood Flooring in Maple

The use of the slow growth, prime hardwood allows Mullican hardwoods to have a continually regular grain, pattern, and color. Hardwood is already known for its durability and Mullican takes it a step further in its Muirfield Collection line of floors by adding the Claritage Extra topcoat. This finish intensifies the natural grain of the wood and gives highlight to its patterns as well as extra protection from stains and scratches. The Muirfield collection is available in 3”, 4”, and 5” widths and in up to 11 different colors, depending on the size selected. Muirfield collection floors also benefit from a 4 sided bevel and are constructed from 3/4” thick solid hardwood.

The Chalmette hand sculpted engineered floor is a perfect choice for projects that need the look and durability of hardwood but don’t have a budget to support solid hardwood. Although it is a lower priced alternative don’t think that the quality is lacking in any Mullican Chalmette collection floor! The floor is built with Oak, Maple, Hickory, and Walnut and is a 1/2” thick engineered floor. As an added bonus these engineered floors are matched precisely for color with the Mullican Chatelaine solid floors. Meaning if you have a room that just has to have solid hardwood like Chatelaine, but really wanted to have that look elsewhere in the home and needed a less expensive product, then Chalmette can fit the bill easily.

Chalmette Engineered Floors match solid Chatelaine floors in color (walnut shown)

Chalmette Engineered Floors match solid Chatelaine floors in color (walnut shown)

To view the entire line of Mullican Hardwoods and learn about the great low price on Mullican Hardwoods that American Carpet Wholesalers offers everyday, visit their site here. Or give their expert flooring staff a call at (800) 548-2706 and have them make sure you have all the flooring and trim you need at the lowest prices.


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