What is Bliss by Beaulieu™?

Bliss by Beaulieu™ is not just a new brand from Beaulieu of America. Owner of such brands as Hollytex Carpets, Hollytex Commercial Carpets, Coronet Carpets, Coronet Commercial Carpets, Beaulieu Carpets, Beaulieu Commercial Carpets and several other lines. It is also a new way of marketing these unique carpets to the consumer. It is an attitude starting at the employee level. It is about bringing the employer, supplier, and consumer together on a personal business level.

The Bliss by Beaulieu™ line will consist of several collections Healthy Home™ , Natural Comfort™, and Ultimate Home™. Once rolled out, these collections will offer innovative carpet solutions for an individual consumer’s lifestyle.

Beaulieu is already one of our favorite suppliers and once the new line is available, we will begin to promote it. I expect you will begin to see the products on our site beginning late May or early June. Once we start adding the products I will add another post.


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