Triangulo Hardwood Flooring Review

triangulo hardwood engineered flooring

Triangulo Hardwood engineered flooringTriangulo Hardwood Engineered Floors. It’s a name and product that has been at the top levels of the hardwood market since 1972, and has striven to meet the hardwood flooring demands of consumers in the US and abroad.

There is nothing complicated about Triangulo hardwoods. The flooring is beautiful if installed correctly and maintained correctly, plain and simple. This is a sturdy hardwood or engineered floor of yesteryear with the modern improvement of advanced urethane coatings and aluminum oxide to harden the finish.

Triangulo Hardwood engineered flooring looks great in any room of your home.

This Triangulo hardwood is an exotic Jatoba Brazilian cherry in a natural finish. Because of the varied length of the planks, it installs with a unique look each time, so even if your neighbor sees your floor and decides to install it as well, your floor will still be an original. The Triangulo hardwood floor is an engineered wood floor and comes in 5 1/4 inch planks that were 1/2 inch thick with a tongue and groove with micro-bevel for joining the planks at installation. Triangulo applies up to 9 coats of a crystal clear aluminum oxide enhanced urethane to make the flooring very durable and great to look at. If you are looking for hardwood flooring for your home or office then you are sure to have questions about the flooring and how long it will last under normal use. Triangulo has a Limited Residential Warranty on all of its products.  These floors have a finish so durable that you may find that the floors last longer than you own the home.

The engineered hard wood flooring from Triangulo, in particular the Jatoba Brazilian cherry, is stunning for their natural patterns and stains.  The 5 inch plank engineered flooring is actually a stronger and more durable floor than solid hardwood due to the real wood plies that are pressurized as they are glued together in multiple directions. The cross-ply manufacturing technique along with the fact that this flooring is less susceptible to shrinkage or expansion (caused by the environment the floor is in) makes it possible to install the Triangulo engineered floor over concrete slab in multiple applications. You can’t do that with the solid hardwoods.

With Triangulo hardwood, only trees that are moving from adult to old age, when the absorption of carbon dioxide is cut by 70%, are used. This is a company that does business by it’s guideline of, “Man and Nature in Harmony”.

Triangulo Hardwood engineered flooring

The Jatoba Brazilian Cherry has a stunning glow in its finish.

American Carpet Wholesalers has a very experienced staff that can help guide you to the best combination of quality, durability, ease of installation, and pricing. If you are considering purchasing Triangulo hardwood products you owe to yourself and your project to call ACWG and learn more about them.

Speaking of learning more about Triangulo, you should know that it is a flooring company that recognizes that they have to meet the present market for hardwood flooring, without compromising future demands. Triangulo invests in preserving and reforesting its native reserves and are very selective in the trees they harvest.

To view the entire Triangulo line of solid hardwood or engineered wood flooring visit the American Carpet Wholesalers of Georgia site. Or give them a call at 800-548-2706 to discuss your options with their flooring experts.


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