Stainmaster Luxury Vinyl Plank Review

Stainmaster has mastered the creation and use of photo real graphics for its luxury vinyl planks. And they have a look for every home with either a “rustic” or “classic” look for the planks. Stainmaster luxury vinyl planks have great designs that mother nature would approve of.

Stainmaster made a few improvements over natural wood floor products too. They really succeeded in making their floor look like hard wood floors  but that wasn’t enough, so they made it stronger and more comfortable underfoot. Stainmaster resilient vinyl floors use their Soft Step technology to give you more cushion as well as stand up to daily dirt, grime, and traffic. Stainmaster also gives their vinyl plank their proprietary urethane wear layer with great durability and they believe in the product enough to attach a 25 year warranty to it.

Stainmaster luxury vinyl plank

Stainmaster Luxury Vinyl Plank stands up to wear and use.

The Stainmaster luxury vinyl plank gives you the option of using an adhesive plank or a floating installation to put down in your home. American Carpet Wholesalers has a good selection in varying colors and styles in both. The Stainmaster planks are a very manageable 5” wide x 48” long size and have very good 4mm thickness.
Your home or office will really benefit from installing the Stainmaster luxury vinyl plank and American Carpet Wholesalers is a great place to find the style of plank you need. They have a great selection available in their online store and you can see it here.

Stainmaster luxury vinyl plank

Stainmaster Luxury Vinyl Plank has both rustic and classic looks

Stainmaster plank is not a value tier plank, if you are really concerned about price then a mid tier quality vinyl plank should be considered. American Carpet Wholesalers can help you match the best flooring product with your budget. Contact one of their flooring experts at 800-548-2706 or chat with them live at their online store.


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