Bruce Hardwood Floors Review

Bruce Hardwood Floors

Bruce Hardwood FloorsFor over 100 years, Bruce hardwood floors have been trusted to provide beautiful, long-lasting hardwood floors and stylish, durable laminate floors. More than a century of quality flooring.

A trusted brand for over a century. Superior quality through exacting precision in the milling process and rigorous inspections featuring up to 75 quality checkpoints. A luxurious selection of design styles, colors, species, and specialty finishes. That’s what you’ll find with Bruce hardwood flooring.

Bruce Hardwood Floors

Bruce Hardwood Floors are well known for their great oak flooring.

How will your family and your new Bruce hardwood floors get along? Just fine. Bruce hardwood is highly durable, but treat it kindly. If you take care of your high quality Bruce hardwood floor, your family will enjoy its beauty for many years.

High quality hardwood floors start with high quality materials. Most of the Bruce hardwood floor volume is grown here in the U.S. in the Appalachian Mountain range. The wood harvested from this area is known for its clear grain, consistent color, and excellent stability. And with a 25 year residential warranty you know this floor comes through with its quality pledge.

Over 70% of Bruce hardwood floors products are made from premium and select grade hardwood to ensure we produce floors with fewer streaks, knots, and flaws.

American Carpet Wholesalers of Georgia makes sure to focus on the flooring; flooring that makes your home the best it can be. At Bruce hardwood floors the focus is on maximizing quality, not volume.

Bruce Hardwood Floors

Antique Hickory has a terrific finish and detail.

•Bruce’s milling processes produce straighter, flatter boards that fit together precisely, with fewer gaps between boards.
•The Bruce high tech production lines ensure stain colors are consistent through every cycle.
•Bruce hardwood floors finishing systems achieve the perfect balance between showing the beauty of the hardwood and protecting it from wear.
•Craftsmanship and rigorous inspections, featuring up to 75 checkpoints, guarantee that each strip and plank of Bruce hardwood flooring has passed our highest quality standards.

Give the flooring experts at American Carpet Wholesalers of Georgia a call at (800) 548-2706 before you purchase your next hardwood floor. Bruce hardwood floors have been covering floors in quality homes for over 100 years. That’s a great record of being a top flooring brand. Let ACWG help you make your hardwood flooring choice a top choice in selection and pricing too!


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