Bamboo Hardwoods Flooring Review

Bamboo Hardwoods has several lines of “hardwood” flooring to choose from. If you are looking for true strand bamboo flooring of then the Suite and Construkt lines are what you need. If you want something with an uniquely organic look the engineered flooring choices of the Loft, Hybrid, and Arcade lines are what you will want. Bamboo Hardwoods will be hard to beat with few other floors offering the same in durability, warranty, and environmental standards compliance.

The Suite line is great for busy areas in any home. The patterns created by the combined strands of bamboo make distinct organic pattern. Bamboo Hardwoods takes it further by milling the edges with micro-bevels to give the planks a traditional look and feel that can be even further refined by selecting a brushed and distressed finish.

Another solid bamboo choice from Bamboo Hardwoods is Construkt and it features pre-finished planks that are very durable. The planks can be bought unfinished if you want to customize the stain and level of finish personally. Construkt bamboo flooring has a great selection of coordinating trim pieces, heater vent covers, and other items.

Bamboo Hardwoods offer the durability and great looks of exotic hardwood but are constructed with sustainable bamboo. The Suite line of hardwood bamboo flooring is a floor made with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified and compressed bamboo in a solid constructions.

The Arcade line is great engineered flooring. It’s the hardest wood floor in the market, extremely hard floors that are rated harder than oak and very hard to dent. With easy to install Uniclic systems there’s no need to use to many tools to install because of the self locking edges that hold the floor together. For a more traditional installation go with the Hybrid line which is just as hard and durable as Arcade but with a tongue and groove install  method. For the modern look in engineered wood flooring the Loft line offers straight edged bamboo flooring. The planks are precision milled to give a near seamless look to the finished floor.

All of the Bamboo Hardwoods products reviewed come with at least a 25 year finish warranty, are all made from sustainable source 100% genuine bamboo, and FSC certified. To discuss your bamboo and exotic hardwood flooring needs or project give the team at American Carpet Wholesalers a call at 1-800-548-2706 today. When you call and talk to one of the ACWG flooring experts you guarantee your best deal!


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