Stanton Wool Carpet Review and Installation

From its beginnings, Stanton Carpet has been a brand built to be synched with style and value for the decorative rug and carpet market. Today it is a nationally branded leading manufacturer and importer of those same carpets and decorative rugs. Three divisions of Stanton are keys to some of the best soft flooring in the world; Stanton Carpet, Royal Dutch Carpets, and Antrim Carpets. With each boasting its own fantastic product line of branded carpet and rugs. American Carpet Wholesalers is proud to carry the three best know Stanton brands.

Stanton Wool Carpet and Rugs Exotic Patterns

Stanton is the company’s self-branded mostly wool line of high end, designer inspired creations that are only available through a select network of flooring showrooms. The carpets and rugs in the Stanton collection are comprised of semi-worsted New Zealand wool in face to face cut pile broadloom and runner selections that work together to create a very luxurious look and feel. Stanton carpets are also found as textured Wilton’s, flat weaves, wool tufted textures, wool blends, as well as synthetic and natural fiber products. All have patterns designed exclusively for Stanton carpets and rugs by top industry designers.

Wilton was mentioned above and is another term or name associated with wool carpet. Wiltons are woven carpets of very high quality that are made by locking together the surface yarns with the backing at the same time. The backing is normally a mix of cotton and jute, and the carpet and rug produced by the Wilton method usually result in more elegant and complex designs.

Stanton Wool Carpet installed in room

Royal Dutch carpets, another brand of Stanton, is the dominant name in the broadloom category and its decorative carpets and rugs feature pattern and tufted products at mid level pricing. Royal Dutch benefits from having access to the pedigree of Stanton’s style with sensible pricing and is able to provide the consumer with a great product line of wool and synthetics.

Antrim, the third Stanton brand, was brought into Stanton in 2007. Antrim offers only hand loomed wool products. We’re talking about an all natural wool product that has been constructed by hand! These are beautiful products that range from sassy shags to velvety plush carpet and rugs. Antrim carpet and rugs currently have over 100 offerings and over 100 colors available in the custom program.

So, why should you consider a Stanton carpet or rug for your home? Well it’s a matter of weighing the benefits. Wool carpets and rugs have been considered the best for quality and decor for hundreds of years. Wool is a natural product that is great at retaining color, its softness of fiber, and its overall longevity in the home. Some further points about wool are:

1. Wool is easy to keep clean
2. The natural fiber purifies air quality
3. Wool is fire resistant
4. Wool is naturally biodegradable and environmentally friendly
5. Wool carpet is naturally water repellant, making clean up easier
6. Wool carpet can help save on heating bills due to natural thermal properties
7. Wool has a natural resilience making the long term durability and look better

There are so many advantages to wool carpet and rug, so why doesn’t everyone have it in their home? Until recently wool was thought of as only an expensive, high end product. However manufacturers, like Stanton carpet, have created some wool carpets that wear incredibly well and are great values too. Stanton is striving to make wool carpet affordable and retain its history of great design and elegance. The video below is provided by Stanton to help describe the Stanton Wool Carpet installation process. For more information contact American Carpet Wholesalers at 800-548-2706.

Part One from stanton on Vimeo.


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