New Wholesale Carpet Changes Look and is Healthy

Recently, we were sent photos from a church that purchased Shaw carpet tile from American Carpet Wholesalers located in Dalton, GA. The church had purchased the carpet tile and installed it in several areas. The youth center and the children’s areas primarily benefitted from the new Shaw carpet tile. The nice folks from the church wrote that, “The carpet completely changed the space, drastically changing the acoustics and making it more “kid friendly”.”

IMG_0359We wanted to thank them for sharing the photos and comments with us. We also wanted to dig a little further and think about what new carpet can mean to homes, public spaces like churches, and private business offices.

The first benefit of new carpet or new carpet tile is that today’s styles look great. While you may not choose a carpet tile for say your living room or dining room, there are many varieties and patterns that would be great for a rec room, kids play room, or even an office in your home. Many of the materials or fibers used to construct carpet tile today are incredibly durable while maintaining a look and luster that is desired for a great looking home or office. Be sure to look for carpet tile that is made with a solution dyed fiber so that it can be cleaned without fear of harming its color. Solution dyed fiber is resistant to color fade and is resistant to spot cleaning with bleach based solutions or other strong chemicals.IMG_0356

Secondly, changing out that old carpet also relieved the home or business space of all that accumulated dust, dust mite allergens, and mold allergens. Even the cleanest of spaces will acquire all of these over time and new carpet or carpet tile can take that out of the space and improve the indoor air quality. In particular if the consumer looks at products like Shaw carpet tiles that contribute to LEED credits for recycled material and low emitting material. Certain Shaw carpet tiles also use the EcoWorx tile brand that was established in 1999. Called a cradle to cradle product it has a recycled content of 40% and has been labeled as safe for the environment and human health by leading experts in carpet design.ecoworx

According to a National Center for Healthy Housing study, “Cleaning of carpets and bare surfaces contributes to improved indoor air quality by reducing airborne particulate, allergen, bacteria, and fungi and perhaps other substances. Regular vacuuming can lower allergen levels in carpets substantially,and a HEPA vacuum has been shown to be more effective than a conventional vacuum.”IMG_0357

Carpet and carpet tile are a great, economical way to improve the value and health of your home or business. For help in selecting your next floor give American Carpet Wholesalers a call at 800-548-2706 or browse their extensive selection at and

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