Congoleum DuraCeramic Review and How To Install

Congoleum DuraCeramic tile and plank is the hottest flooring tile on the market today. The tile can be installed with or without grout, letting you decide how to best design your project. The DuraCeramic tile product is constructed of a limestone composite base and that is given added strength with a polymeric resin. Providing the toughness and flexibility to resist breaking from normal subfloor conditions. By using a pressure sensitive adhesive you can install DuraCeramic tile over a wide assortment or wall and subfloor surfaces without a lot of timely preparation.

For any approved wall or floor application you need to use the correct adhesive and the Congoleum DS100 DuraSet adhesive is the proper one to use. Tiles should be set into tacky dry adhesive for floor applications and semi tacky dry for wall applications. So you should probably wait 45 to 60 minutes on floor applications before setting tile and 20 to 30 minutes for wall applications. You can also use PL Polyurethane Construction Adhesive for wall, backsplash and base applications (not floors) but be sure to NOT use mortar, mastic, or other adhesives. The DuraSet adhesive will clean up with soap and water if it hasn’t set, but if it has mineral spirits will be needed.

DuraCeramic Tile Kitchen

DuraCeramic Tile installed with no grout lines

Grouted floors and walls should be laid with a 1/16″ to 1/4″ space at the joints, that’s really up to you and how thick a line you want. Congoleum premixed grout can be laid down immediately after the tile goes in. It is not recommended to use other premixed grouts, cement, or epoxy at all.

Ungrouted floors have no space at the joints and should be sealed. The Congoleum DS200 DuraCeramic Joint Sealer is used to lock out surface liquid and aid cleaning. Sealing is a step that should not be avoided for any ungrouted floor. If you are installing this ungrouted on a wall then the DS200 sealer is not recommended.The set up time for the sealer to be tack free is about 1 hour and it completely sets and turns clear in 8 hours. If you have a need to clean up some sealer you can use water if it is wet, but mineral spirits will be needed for dry sealant.

List of Items Needed for Installation:
1. Duraceramic Tile
2. DS100 DuraSet Adhesive
3. DuraCeramic Premixed Grout (for grouted installations on floors or walls)
4. DS200 DuraCeramic Joint Sealer (for ungrouted installations on floors)
5. DuraCeramic Installation Accessory Kit (for grouted installations)
6. Congoleum UnderFlor floating underlayment system

Remember, when installing DuraCeramic in your home it is approved for all areas EXCEPT countertops, ceilings and wet areas like shower stalls and shower floors. Also, if installing in a light commercial area it is best used in places with light commercial foot traffic, on floors, walls and facing areas of counters or merchandise displays.

DuraCeramic in Bathroom

DuraCeramic Tile can be installed in bathrooms

For a video on DuraCeramic installation you can check the DuraCeramic Installation video supplied by American Carpet Wholesalers. At American Carpet Wholesalers you can order everything you need for your DuraCeramic Tile flooring project.

  1. Curt D'Onofrio 11 years ago

    Love the pics. I like the idea that the sub floor doesn’t need to be perfectly flat to get a ceramic looking floor or wall

  2. Kellie Zach 11 years ago

    Can you please tell me what tiles to use to get a floor like the bathroom in the photo? It is beautiful!


  3. alloydzn 10 years ago

    The tiles in the image look to be from the Rapolano collection of DuraCeramic tile. You can see that particular selection here

  4. Fred Pel 9 years ago

    Can you use Duraceramic outdoors on a cement patio…or even on a wood plywood deck?? Note: the deck is not coveted.

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