Flooring problems! Is it the product or is it the installation? When things go horribly wrong.

 In a perfect world all products would be flawless and contractors would do impeccable work. But our world
is not perfect  and things do not always go as planned.  Since my experience is floor covering, flooring
problems is what I will cover in this  post. Most flooring products require installation by a professional. Over
the years I have  known many that fit that description  and just as many that need to try their hand at a
different trade.

When a problem is encountered, the first blame lies on the product itself. After all the professional you
contracted is staring you  straight in the face and telling you the  product is defective. So most consumers
line of action is contact the person or store who  sold the material to demand satisfaction. If the problem is
large enough, a certified  inspector is called to determine what the defect  is. If a report is given that
contradicts what the installer has told the consumer, then somehow the inspector must be biased in
favor of the store or manufacturer. I do not know of any report that fits that mold. I have had instances
when the inspector has been  just dead wrong. So in this case or when  the consumer just does not accept
the findings, it is best for the consumer to contact their  own inspection. Most do not want to want to take
this action because there  are costs involved.

For the most  part, installation contractors take pride in their work and want a great referral. But the truth is,
90% of all flooring failures  are installation related. Why is this?  Usually it involves money. People want to get
the job done at the lowest possible cost. Forget about  the qualifications and the work experience. Too many
installers, during  a depressed economy, take own jobs where they have no experience.  Some figure, well if it
goes on the floor, I can do it. When they run into areas that require skill and  expertise, they improvise and many
times  it comes back to bite them on the rear. “I have just screwed up these people’s floor. Boy, I surely don’t want to
pay for it. I’ll just  blame it on  the product.” I think that brings us to where we started.

Our company has always taken the stance as whatever it takes to make the consumer happy. But sometimes,
not very often, a complete hack job  that costs thousands to  rectify, it is not possible. So now what, the consumer
wants a full replacement, labor costs, (after all the installer wants  paid again to re-install and don’t forget paid
to take  up the floor he just screwed up) and enough compensation to buy a small car. Our best course
of action is to try and provide replacement material only to avoid litigation.  When the problem is truly product
failure, replacement and reasonable  labor charges are in line and most of the time paid by the manufacturer.

The moral of this story is find the very best contractor. A skilled and well trained professional will check the
product for defects or blemishes before  he begins the job. A second or third  opinion from certified inspectors
is in your best interest just in case litigation is necessary.


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