Stanton Rugs Custom Design A Rug Revolution

Stanton Rugs are known for their outstanding quality and as some of the best wool rugs and carpet in the world. With Stanton Rugs new Rug Revolution brand you can customize your own rug and “Think Outside The Square” as Stanton puts it.


The designs and styles found in the Rug Revolution line offer a myriad of possibilities for designing an individualized rug. The size, the pattern (or lack of), the shape, and the design are ultimately up to you. And, if after you put your rug together you want to change its size or other qualities – easy enough, just do it. Stanton Rug makes it easy to do.



A completely flexible, expandable, and innovative way to create a rug that is markedly your own. You can interchange elements and re-design at anytime. And since the squares can be cut without any need to bind or seal them it makes it very easy to replace single pieces for any reason.

To view the video with even more information or to order your Rug Revolution by Stanton area rug, give American Carpet Wholesalers a call at 1-800-548-2706.


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