Legato Embrace Carpet Tile Review

milliken legato embrace carpet tile review

legato touch carpet tile modular carpet panels millikenThe Legato Embrace carpet tile system has a great selection of colors – and installs as easily as its fellow carpet tile from Milliken,  Legato Touch. Like Touch it can be installed directly over any flooring that is solid, dry, level and dust free. So it is no problem to install over concrete, vinyl, hardwood, laminate, or plywood floors. Color selection is what makes Legato Embrace at top choice for carpet tiles.

Legato Embrace save 30 to 60 percent at American Carpet Wholesalers of Georgia

Legato Embrace comes in many colors. This is Role Call.

Made with premium WearOn® nylon and soil protection, Legato Embrace carpet tile, like Touch, is created to give long-lasting beauty. But is also available in a number of designer colors. Embrace has a 10-year limited wear resistance and 2-year manufacturing defect warranty. Available at American Carpet Wholesalers of Georgia, Legato Embrace and Touch carpet tiles have great features. These make Legato carpet tile a great alternative to traditional carpet.

TractionBack (No Glue or Peel & Stick Installation)
Legato Embrace carpet tile‘s high-friction coating for no-hassle, eco-friendly way to keep modular carpet tile in place.

Milligard (Advanced Soil Protection)
Significantly reduces soil accumulation and assists in soil removal during your normal vacuuming and cleaning. Legato Embrace carpet tile has a 5-year stain and soil protection warranty.

AlphaSan (Antimicrobial Protection)
Helps prevent mold, which in turn, makes life a little easier for you and your family and extends the life of your carpet.

“Legato Embrace carpet tiles have a terrific selection of colors. These make Legato Embrace carpet tile a great design component in any room.”

The Legato Embrace carpet tile system gives you the best looks and coordination of color with the   DIY installation ease of carpet tiles. Legato panels fit together quickly and with minimal seams to give you the wall-to-wall carpet .

Create custom color carpets using the Easy Change™ system of colors and best-selling carpet patterns. Legato Embrace, just like Touch, is created using patented technology utilizing millions of computer commands to control the dyeing and critical color matching. Therefore your Legato Embrace carpet tile is colorful, beautiful, and durable. This technology also enables Legato to create designs that offer the largest variety of size and scale. Your imagination is the only limit.

When you make the decision to use Legato Embrace carpet tile from Milliken, call a flooring expert at American Carpet Wholesalers of Georgia. They will answer any questions you have and, as a result, ensure you get the most current low prices. Call them today at 1-(800) 548-2706 to ensure you order the best selection of Legato Embrace you need!


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