New Mannington Adura Tile and Plank Styles

Mannington  and its Adura tile are well known for its attractive flooring design and patterns. Recently, Adura tile had the collection of patterns available expanded with some truly attractive offerings.

The most exciting is Crete Adura tile. This tile mimics beautifully the fashionable look of concrete flooring. Crete is available in a popular light to mid shade tone so its a neutral color choice that will complement and work with your overall design and color scheme.

Mannington Adura Crete Tile

Adura Crete from Mannington is a fashionable alternative to traditional concrete floors

Crete Adura tile offers several advantages over traditional concrete though. Your project cost is less since there is no need to create a bed or foundation capable of supporting concrete, no need to reseal annually, no hairline cracks, and Crete is much softer and warmer under foot than true concrete. With that warmer flooring underfoot there is no need to install costly underfloor heating. The biggest difference in cost though is that you can do this installation yourself if you choose to. A true concrete floor would require professionals every step of the way!

Mannington Adura Mix is one of the other new patterns introduced. Adura Mix tile is a pattern that combines the looks of wood and stone in 16″ tiles. The wood appears to have a linear grain and the stone marks are subtle, so the floor has an abstract look anchored in natural patterns. A great addition to your home with contemporary style.

Mannington Adura Mix Tile

Adura Mix offers a unique wood/stone hybrid pattern

Corinthia Adura tile lends itself to those rooms needing a classic, elegant touch. Corinthia Adura tile is a marble/stone mix in 16″ tiles. Colors range from warm to cool and visually create a display that delights the eyes with its sophistication. Great choice for kitchens and baths.

The Sundance Adura planks offer the rich character of classic hickory wood grain and patina with added details in the texture of the plank surface. These 6″ planks come in four colors and will surely match any traditional, rustic, or contemporary decor.

Finally, the Avalon Adura planks offer a new range of brown and gray to whitewashed tones to work within any home decor. These distinctive planks are available in a 5″ size.

As always, the staff at American Carpet Wholesalers is available to help you with any questions you have about these great Mannington Adura products. Give them a call at 1-800-548-2706 to discuss your flooring needs!


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