Kraus Carpet Tile Review – Severn

kraus carpet tile severn II

Kraus carpet tile is a product of the Kraus Group, one of the biggest makers and distributors of carpet and flooring in the United States and Canada.  Kraus started operations in 1959 in just one plant to the size it is today with about 100,000 customers.

Kraus carpet tile is just one of several products that the company makes. It is a great example of the top notch flooring they offer! The Kraus Group makes sure that what is made by them has the best quality and also has the features every consumer wants and the warranties that go with them.

The particular collection we are looking at in this article is called Severn II and you can find this at the American Carpet Wholesalers website.

“Kraus carpet tile would be a great choice for any part of the home that needs a durable, easy to change out soft surface floor.”

Severn II Kraus Carpet Tile

Kraus Severn II has a great looking pattern!

The Severn II Kraus carpet tile is a modular flooring product and will use adhesive for installation. The tile has a backing called EuroBac and it is a high density, non-woven material that is easy to work with and install. The carpet fiber is 100% BCF Polypropelene. So what does that mean? Well, BCF stands for Bulk Continuous Filament. Your carpet would be made from a single, long fiber that will make up a section of carpeting. The alternative is what is called a staple fiber. Where the lengths of fiber are only a few inches long and may be twisted together to make longer fibers. The staple carpet is going to shed much more than the BCF.

The Severn II Kraus carpet tile collection is just one of many that American Carpet Wholesalers of Georgia has available. Severn II comes in four color choices. We are showing Black Rock.

kraus carpet tile severn II black rock

Kraus Severn II Comes In 4 Styles – Pictured Black Rock

Kraus carpet tile would be a great choice for any part of the home that needs a durable, easy to change out soft surface floor. Be sure to give the flooring experts at ACWG a call at 800-548-2706. Let them know what you are looking for. It could be that the Severn II from Kraus carpet tile will be perfect for your project, but they will be sure to let you know your options. They will also be able to give you the best price possible when you call!


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