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In this video, we're introducing Woodhouse Solid Hardwood Flooring. Similar to the Woodhouse Engineered line, both floors share the same key features. Those features include being an environmentally friendly choice, superior finish, variety of wood species, high quality materials, etc.!

Enjoy the variety of wood species, color and sizing in the Frontenac collection, and lookout for the distinct Iberian collection that is made from seringa! The Iberian collection features hardwood flooring that belongs to the seringa wood species, earning its reputation as an exotic flooring option. Seringa trees are known to produce latex, making this flooring choice an environmentally friendly and intelligent decision!

Let your home's floors stand out among other hardwood options today! Shop with us at American Carpet to receive the benefit of saving 30-60% today.

American Carpet Website: https://www.carpet-wholesale.com/?utm_campaign=v1YouTube
Shop Woodhouse Solid Hardwood: https://www.carpet-wholesale.com/brand-woodhouse-hardwood-flooring/hardwood/woodhouse-hardwood-flooring.php

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