Patriot Mills Carpet Review

Patriot Mills carpet review sale save 30-60%

Patriot Mills carpetPatriot Mills carpet is a dealer exclusive brand of carpet floor covering and American Carpet Wholesalers of Georgia carries 25 different collections! Patriot Mills

Patriot Mlls carpet orient collection pearl

Patriot Mills Carpet Orient Pearl

carpet gives you a product you can be confident in. Patriot Mills uses the highest quality PET yarn and nylon and gives you exceptional value.

There are several types of Patriot Mills carpet available at American Carpet Wholesalers of Georgia. The Orient collection is a frieze carpet. What is frieze carpet and what benefits does it have? Frieze carpet has been one of the most popular carpet styles for the last 20 years. One of the primary reasons that this carpet style is popular is that it is a trackless carpet style. Frieze carpet hides footprints and vacuum cleaner sweeper marks. This does not mean that all Frieze carpets are foot print free, it simply means they “hide” foot prints better than traditional Saxony or cut pile carpet styles. Orient collection styles from Patriot Mills carpet mill are created with 100% solution-dyed PET fiber in a 12-foot width.

Sixth Sense from Patriot Mills carpet is a blend of 3 yarns, each having 2 colors, yielding a unique color palette. Patriot Mills focuses on delivering a quality crafted product. Sixth Sense comes with a 15-year texture retention warranty and limited wear and stain warranties.

The Legacy Collections, from Patriot Mills carpet, is a premier high-performance residential carpet line is a unique product that sets itself apart from the competition. It features more twists per inch in the yarn for durability and increased density for softness and comfort. Legacy Twist is then expertly finished with care and precision. Twist refers to the number of time fibers turn in a 1-inch length. Higher twist counts are typically more resilient and better resist traffic and crushing.

“Available in a number of eye-catching colors, this Patriot Mills carpet line is durable and comfortable. Legacy Twist carpet is easy to maintain and will look great for many years. It’s perfect for any room in the house.”

Patriot Carpet Mills Legacy Twist Elk

Great quality at a great price is always a good thing.

Because of its dense construction, extra twists and low profile, you walk “on” the carpet rather than on the sides of the yarn. The result is that your feet don’t ever feel the backing on the carpet. Legacy Twist from Patriot Carpet mills offers:

Great quality at a great price
Easy to maintain
-Dense construction and low profile
-Available in many colors

Wow! So many styles and carpet types available from Patriot Mills carpet at American Carpet Wholesalers of Georgia. You owe it to yourself to give the flooring experts at ACWG a call to get the best carpet style and price for your project. You can reach them at 800-548-2706 Monday- Friday from 8:30 am to 7 pm and Saturday from 9 am to 4 pm.

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