DesignTek Cheer Carpet Tile Review

Designtek Cheer carpet tile 36 inch

Designtek Cheer carpet tile 36 inchDesignTek Cheer carpet tile 36 inchToday we are going to discuss DesignTek Cheer carpet tile. The first thing you need to know is that this flooring has some great pricing found only at American Carpet Wholesalers of Georgia. Secondly, this is 36-inch by 36-inch carpet tile. Almost twice the size of a normal 19-inch carpet square like that found in most of DesignTek’s competitor’s product lines. Think about the difference it would make for installation time in a project.

The DesignTek Cheer collection of carpet tile, or modular carpet tile, is a cost effective choice to add color and a softer underfoot feel to any room. Carpet tile is a great way to reduce noise and add warmth to spaces that have concrete or vinyl tile. Plus, DesignTek Cheer carpet tile is fashionable and is available in patterns and color variations that work with a number of decorative styles. Did you know that there are many different ways to set the

DesignTek Cheer carpet tile 36 inch

DesignTek 36″ (in blue) versus 19.7″ modular tiles (in gray)

the pattern for your modular carpet flooring? From Ashlar, to Brick, to Modular and Quarter Turn the Designtek Cheer carpet tile can accommodate all of these patterns.

As you can see from the blue and gray graphic, the DesignTek Cheer carpet tile is a 36-inch modular tile (in blue) that covers nearly four times the area of the 19.7-inch tiles (in gray). This larger size will be of great benefit for residential or commercial flooring projects. Project time will be much shorter. The application of adhesive should take less as well.  Because the live area you will be able to apply adhesive to will also be much larger.

“DesignTek Cheer Carpet Tile is a nylon fiber, 1st Quality flooring solution with a Lifetime Commercial Limited Warranty.”

DesignTek Cheer carpet tile 36 inch

DesignTek Cheer Carpet Tile Fantastic (36 x 36)

Its high-quality construction with multi-level pattern loops and eco-friendly backing enables its long lasting stay in your home or office and can be applied over both concrete and wooden subfloors using pressure sensitive adhesive, perfect for high traffic areas where replacing tiles can be done simply and cleanly. DesignTek has a well-established reputation for being the source for meeting the needs of homes and businesses that have a need for creative and durable, stain-fighting flooring. Styles like the DesignTek Cheer Fantastic or Aggregate make for non-invasive design choices that work with many different room decors.

American Carpet Wholesalers is an exclusive dealer for DesignTek Floor Systems and, just like DesignTek, the staff at American Carpet Wholesalers offers you the best quality, value, and service in the flooring industry. If you have any questions, give one of their flooring experts a call. By calling and speaking with an ACWG associate you can guarantee a couple of things. First, you make sure that you get exactly what you need for your flooring project. This goes for smaller DIY projects to the largest commercial projects. Second, you will get your best price from ACWG; because when you call we can make you aware of any changes in pricing right away! Give the experts a call today at 800-548-2706.

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