DuraCeramic with Scotchgard

A customer just posted a question that is very important. “If I order from you, how do I know that I am getting DuraCeramic with Scotchgard?”.

Previously Congoleum made two versions of DuraCeramic (DuraCeramic and DuraCeramic Plus). DuraCeramic Plus has the Scotchgard treatment and was slightly more costly. Due to the overwhelming success of the product, Congoleum added the Scotchgard treatment to the whole line of DuraCeramic products including DuraPlank. But something that rarely happens when upgrading a product line has taken place. The Congoleum Corporation, being consumer friendly, did not increase the pricing for the product. Instead they merged the DuraCeramic Plus line into the DuraCeramic line essentially eliminating the DuraCeramic Plus line. Now consumers can enjoy the added protection of Consumer Reports’ number 1 rated luxury vinyl product (more on that in my next post) at the same every day low price that American Carpet Wholesalers has become famous for.

Now to answer our customer’s question, our inventory turns on a regular basis and Congoleum has been adding the Scotchgard treatment for several months now, so all of our inventory is current.


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