Bliss Luxury Vinyl Tile Review

Bliss by Beaulieu has a great product for you, Bliss luxury vinyl flooring.  We are going to look at what many consider to be a great substitute for hardwood floors – luxury vinyl plank and tile. American Carpet Wholesalers has a great selection and won’t be undersold when it comes to luxury vinyl.

So, you may be asking what is luxury vinyl flooring? It is a form of tiles flooring or plank flooring that makes use of very advanced photographic printing to mimic real hardwood and stone. The actual construction of the tile or plank is made up of a vinyl backing, vinyl color layer, the photo film, and a very durable top layer made from urethane or aluminum oxide. Many manufacturers refer to this top layer and the “wear layer” and high quality LVF can have as much as a 40mil top layer; the higher the mil count the more durable the flooring.

Bliss Luxury Vinyl Construction

Luxury Vinyl Has 4 Layers of Construction

The Bliss luxury vinyl tile Landscapes Tile collection contains a number of styles renowned for their natural feel and appearance as compared to natural stone. This luxury vinyl tile can be installed by gluing the tile to the subfloor and finished with or without grout. The Bliss luxury tile collections have all been tested successfully for exceptional resistance to surface wear and Beaulieu has enhanced its luxury vinyl tile with its own antimicrobial/antifungal finish. The Bliss Landscape Tile collection has the added benefit of UV treatment for protection from fading, and a stain resistance treatment.

Canyon Sunrise is a very popular style in the Landscape Tile collection. It is an 18” x 18” luxury vinyl tile meant to inspire feelings of freedom and open vistas at sunrise. The Bliss Landscapes Collection was inspired by nature’s simplistic forms and all the beauty in which they capture. You can see this tile and the entire related collection at American Carpet Wholesalers.

Bliss Luxury Vinyl Tile Canyon Sunrise

Bliss Canyon Sunrise Luxury Vinyl Tile

One of the many advantages of a Bliss luxury vinyl tile floor is the ease of care and maintenance across the board. You can use a simple solution of ammonia and water in a 1 to 4 ratio to regularly mop the floor, but avoid using strong or abrasive cleaners. Just like any other floor be sure to remove soil and spills promptly (check with the manufacturers suggested list of how to remove). If treated and cared for correctly your Bliss luxury vinyl tile is warrantied to last 15 years in your home.

To see the entire selection of low price and high quality Bliss luxury vinyl tile visit American Carpet Wholesalers website. While there you can choose to chat with a flooring expert about Bliss LVT or you can call them at 800-548-2706.


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