Congoleum DuraCeramic Options? Not Exactly! Let’s Review.

Back in February at Surfaces 2010 (annual floor covering trade show), Congoleum showed us their new Luxury Vinyl Tile line called Ovations vinyl tile. The idea behind the line was to service a different market than the upscale product line of DuraCeramic. While Congoleum’s Ovations installs like Duraceramic tile and is groutable like DuraCeramic, that is where the similarities end. Ovations Tile is 14″ x 14″ and DuraCeramic Tile is 16″ x 16″. Congoleum Ovations Tile is .140 gauge while Congoleum’s DuraCeramic is .160 gauge. Ovations Tile has a 20 year warranty and DuraCeramic Tile has a lifelong warranty. DuraCeramic’s vinyl plank partner is the upscale DuraPlank while Ovations vinyl plank partner is the less expensive and thinner Endurance Plank.

All of Congoleum’s products in these categories are excellent products and perform well for the applications they were intended. Our main concern in seeing the introduction was for someone to market the product as DuraCeramic and offer a price seemingly lower and mislead or misguide the consumer based on the success of Congoleum’s Dura Product line. Marketing a product with this intention, in my opinion, is giving up consumer trust in lieu of a misguided sale. This kind of marketing does not happen at American Carpet Wholesalers. It never has and never will.

  1. Mike J 14 years ago

    Congoleum Duraceramic – what can I say….It is GREAT…now. At first, we had the 1st generation of the product that scratched easily (we have boys and dogs) in the first year. Really pissed us off. Went back to the installer, Abbey Carpet. They replaced about 6 tiles. 6 months later, same thing. After confronting Abbey again, they brought in Congoleum for a complete replacement. They gave us the product as it is today. We haven’t had a problem since and really LOVE the product now.

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