Mohawk Hilea Bamboo Flooring Review

mohawk hilea bamboo flooring review
mohawk hilea strand woven uniclic bamboo flooring review

Mohawk Hilea Strand Woven Uniclic Bamboo Flooring

The particular brand of bamboo flooring we are reviewing is Mohawk Hilea Bamboo Flooring. The manufacturer has some advice for purchasing bamboo floors that apply to just about any project.

So what is bamboo flooring? In today’s world wood flooring is available in many different varieties or hardwood that are not found in North America. That means that now, in addition to oak hardwoods, maple hardwoods, and other standards you can get some fine exotic hardwoods from around the world. That’s where bamboo comes in. It is an exotic hardwood that offers many unique and visually striking differences in appearance than the North American hardwoods.

It’s been found that knowing where the floor will be installed is essential information you need to consider. Determining if the room is above, on or below grade is good to know since solid wood floors are approved for ground level installations only. Solid wood floors also perform better in areas that have humidity control (i.e. air conditioned). Since wood floors come in both solid and engineered planks and strips it’s important to know the conditions of the installation. Determining which floor type will work best for your project depends on the location within your home and the type of subfloor.

mohawk kahala strand rustic baked natural uniclic bamboo flooring review

Mohawk Kahala Strand Rustic Baked Natural Uniclic Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring itself is very strong and is made from a grass grown in the orient. Bamboo is considered to be a green product because of its natural regrowth rate.

The Mohawk Hilea Bamboo flooring that we reviewed can be installed on any subfloor by glue, staple, or nail down OR it can be floated if using the Mohawk Hilea Bamboo flooring with Uniclic. Uniclic is Mohawk’s patented method that allows for fast, easy, and easy angle or sliding installations.

Traditionally one of the cons of bamboo flooring is that it is made from a grass, not wood, it is softer than hardwoods. The Mohawk Hilea Bamboo product has been tested to be harder than oak and utilizes 100% of the bamboo stalk. The Mohawk Hilea Strand Woven bamboo floors have the green qualities of traditional bamboo and more. They meet European standards for low formaldehyde emission and can contribute LEED points to a project.

Mohawk Hilea bamboo flooring in strand woven styles with Uniclic come in 4.84″ widths and feature a 25 year residential warranty (3 year medium commercial warranty). The products come in a variety of colors and some feature a unique handscraped design.


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