Shaw Laminate Flooring Review

Shaw Laminate Flooring - Castle Ridge Review
Shaw Laminate Flooring - Brookdale Walnut Style

Shaw Laminate Flooring – Brookdale Walnut Style

If you are looking for laminate flooring that is easy to install and has the selection and latest styles you want, then Shaw laminate flooring may be the best choice for you. Shaw is a leader in the floor industry and continues to make advancements in how they construct laminates and ensure that every laminate floor has quality and value that add polish to your flooring purchase.

Shaw laminate flooring offers a range of flooring styles from exotics to traditional. Shaw laminates offer great durability and have an OptiGuard finish that offers an exceptionally smooth, reflective, and high gloss that increases the realism as well as the beauty of the floor.

Forgiving surface: OptiGuard is made to resist scratching and marring and even to hide scratches which many times reveal themselves as white lines in other laminates. Most manufacturers try to make the surface harder, but the more pliable OptiGuard surface creates a highly durable floor in the toughest environments.

Ultra-high gloss: OptiGuard has outstanding clarity and one of the highest gloss levels in the industry. It’s an exceptionally smooth, fine, reflective surface.

Dynamic design, color, and realism: OptiGuard’s clarity makes possible the most realistic visuals,lots of rich detail and unique colors.

Shaw Laminate Flooring - Smoked Bamboo style

Shaw Laminate Flooring – Smoked Bamboo style

Extremely durable: Putting a highly scratch-resistant finish on top-tier laminate creates a product that endures handsomely.

Shaw laminate flooring offers a range of flooring styles from exotics to traditional.

Shaw has made laminate flooring installation easy with the VersaLock and LocNPlace glueless locking systems. Shaw has patented their locking technology that actually installs the laminate flooring on all four sides with no adhesive. They say it installs “in a snap” and is mess free.

American Carpet Wholesalers has an extensive selection of Shaw laminate flooring to choose from. Make sure you check out the entire list of styles here. After you find the style you like give ACWG a call at 1-800-548-2706 and talk to one of our flooring experts. ACWG offers great online pricing but when you call, you get an experienced pro that can make sure you get the best price.


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