Laminate Flooring Air Quality What You Need To Know

What do homeowners need to know about laminate flooring and formaldehyde? Let’s begin with what the Air Resources Board (ARB) says about this chemical used in the production of wood binding adhesive and resin. The ARB found, in California, that one of the largest bases for exposure to formaldehyde is due to inhalation of it from composite wood. Even further the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has changed its classification of formaldehyde from “probably cancer causing to humans” to “causes cancer in humans” and suggested there is no safe level of exposure.

Basically this is very rough stuff. It is the responsibility of the flooring manufacturer to ensure that the composite wood flooring they produce and sell to and through retailers like American Carpet Wholesalers meets the emission standards set for them.

American Concepts from KronotexUSA is an example of laminate flooring that makes all the right choices in its manufacturing. It is an American made floor produced from sustainable American wood sources. It also has Greenguard certification meaning that the indoor air quality has low emissions. The flooring does not emit dangerous material like petroleum, halogen, chloride, or dioxin.

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Mohawk is another example of a manufacturer of laminate flooring that is responsible and supplies American Carpet Wholesalers with quality flooring for your home or business. The majority of Mohawk’s laminate flooring is manufactured in the United States. All of the laminate flooring made by Mohawk meets California Air Resources Board Phase 2 standards or CARB Phase 2. And the FloorScore certification makes certain that the flooring meets demands for indoor air quality.

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Mohawk manufactures great looking flooring with great air quality controls

With the recent news of the possibility of flooring from China having serious air quality emission standards issues we are concerned that many homeowners could be affected. Please note that American Carpet Wholesalers works with the top flooring manufacturers in the United States and only deals in first run, high quality flooring. The prices at American Carpet Wholesalers may make you think they sell cheap floors but it’s just the prices that are low, not the quality.

Please take the time to review all of the laminate flooring available from American Carpet Wholesalers and give their flooring experts a call at 800-548-2706 to ensure that you get the best and cleanest flooring for your home and family.


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