Pinnacle Hardwood Review – Comfort, Luxury, Durable Finish

Pinnacle engineered hardwood flooring is available in a number of collections and styles. All are attractively priced and you can guarantee a low price hardwood floor by working with American Carpet Wholesalers. American Carpet carries a great selection of Pinnacle engineered flooring and recommended we discuss the Mountain Lodge and Plantation collections.

pinnacle mountain lodge collection

Rustic and richly detailed Mountain Lodge Collection

Mountain Lodge Classics feature that rugged, rich grained, uniquely detailed wood finish and design that is craftsman like. This comes in a eased edge 5” hardwood plank with lengths up to 48”. The planks have a hand scraped veneer and the AMCERIC® finish. To install simply staple or glue down the plank to a prepared subfloor (always check for sub floor suitability) at, below or above grade. Pinnacle hardwood provides a 25 year residential finish warranty and Mountain Lodge comes in 11 colors.

Pinnacle hardwood is particularly known for its eye catching and deep finish, the comfort it gives underfoot, ease of care, and for also being an environmentally conscious hardwood flooring product.

Like the Mountain Lodge collection the Plantation Classics benefit from the same warranty and protective finish. This collection of hardwood flooring is wider at 6.5” and much longer at 72”. This can make for some very impressive looks in a home with the width and length to absorb space and give a sense of luxury. There are 6 colors in the Plantation Classics collection and although they too have a hand scraped veneer finish there is a quality to the design and pattern that gives the planks a more refined and elegant appearance over its Mountain Lodge cousins.

Plantation Collection Pinnacle Hardwood

The Plantation Collection offers wide hardwood planks

Technologically speaking, Pinnacle utilizes the most technologically innovative processes to construct flooring that makes a very cost effective hardwood floor. You can have luxurious looks and the undeniable beauty of a hardwood floor in your home. These very durable floors are made for a busy family home and realize what a reasonable cost should be.

Pinnacle hardwood floors use the highly durable AMCERIC® finish which keeps you from having to wax the floor and adds an important layer of protection. This added coating is resistant to scuffing and scratching while all the while letting all the beautiful color, details, and grain of the wood flooring to continue to impress for many years. Taking it one step further is AMCERIC ULTRA® that adds a UV protectant to make the finish second to none. Ask your American Carpet Wholesalers flooring expert to recommend a finish based on your needs.

To see the entire line of Pinnacle engineered hardwood floors visit and speak with a American Carpet Wholesaler expert by calling 800-548-2706.


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