Demand Value in Flooring For 2014

We are finding, more often than not, that many of today’s home improvement projects that involve flooring are driven by savvy, budget conscious homeowners and contractors. If anything the economy has taught all of us to be a little more frugal and educated about our purchases, and adding feathers to the home nest doesn’t change that. In the past you may have found a style of flooring and just fell in love with it and that was it, no need to look further. But today, with the number of choices available from top flooring retailers with a huge range of durability, finish, eco-friendly floors, and cost considerations you will do yourself and your wallet a favor by taking the time to learn about your selections.

Flooring manufacturers are aware of this and are bringing more products to the market that offer sensible, easy to care for, and affordable choices. Two definite types of flooring that are seeing more and more innovative offerings are carpet and resilient vinyl.

Luxury vinyl tile

Luxury vinyl replaces the need for costly stone or tile flooring

Just to clarify, resilient vinyl is not vinyl flooring on a roll. This is a vinyl flooring product that has the look and finish of top quality traditional wood plank, stone, and ceramic tile. The difference here is the enormous variety of styles, colors, patterns and textures that can be obtained in luxury vinyl products all at a relatively low price point. This allows an ordinary budget to have an exceptional looking flooring product at a margin of traditional flooring costs. Not only that, but the vinyl floor is softer and warmer under foot than tile or stone as well as much easier to install. American Carpet Wholesalers of Georgia has several videos available detailing how easy the installation is for several vinyl flooring types on its Youtube channel. Some of the top brands in this category include Congoleum’s Duraceramic tile and Duraplank and Armstrong’s Alterna tile and plank.
Carpet is benefiting from a greater range of design and fashion with options at almost every budget level. On top of this, the segment of carpets available to eco-conscious buyers is growing larger than ever. There are several lines of carpet that are compiled of fibers produced from 100 percent postconsumer material like food containers and drink bottles. Mohawk Industries also has a carpet produced from fibers made with corn sugars instead of nylon.

Mohawk SmartStrand Carpet

SmartStrand from Mohawk Industries is great under foot and eco-friendly

Cork flooring is growing in popularity. Cork is a renewable flooring material source made from the same bark from the same trees used to create the cork for bottles. The bark grows back and the source trees are managed carefully to keep the supply up without damage to the trees.  Cork is warmer under foot than traditional hard wood flooring and can be found in a number of different finishes. It is relatively easy to install compared to hardwood and comes in planks and in “tiles” a lot of times; making it easy to lay out patterns and cut to fit. Do be careful when installing in high traffic or wet areas like bathrooms, some brands may not be well suited for these areas of a home so be sure to ask a flooring expert for advice if you want to use in tho se instances.

As always, we recommend calling 800-548-2706800-548-2706 for American Carpet Wholesalers of Georgia to help with your flooring selection. The staff is very knowledgable, professional and willing to help. If you need flooring you won’t be disappointed in pricing or product selection or service. The have over a thousand positive reviews on Reseller Ratings!


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