Couristan Area Rug Review and Information

Couristan, and its area rugs, have become symbols of quality and style in the 87 years since its founding. Since 1926 Couristan has been a family run operation. They have over 35 handmade collections of area rugs that come from India, Nepal and Pakistan. Each one of the handmade area rugs is created and treated like fine art with detailed craftsmanship and classic, elegant styling.

couristan area rug

The styles range from the predictably classic and antique to more contemporary and casual trendy styles, as well as updated Persian designs or deeply contoured Oriental rugs. Look for Couristan area rugs to have what is called a “Wilton Woven” construction. Generally these will have a great looking patterns in many different styles and the area rug will be durable and should hold up well to high traffic areas. The area rugs will also have three different ways of being constructed. The face-to-face weave will be made by taking two backings and having them joined by yarn in the middle. The yarn is cut to make two rugs. A Plain Wilton Weave has a piled loop that can either be cut or left alone. The final method for construction is called Jacquard Wilton the is very durable and feels and looks like cut-velvet.

Many Couristan rugs are wool rugs and have a number of benefits that nylon or other fiber area rugs do not have. Wool is resilient to crushing because of its natural crimp, so it is great for high traffic areas or holding up under furniture. Wool also has superior soil resistance, is easy to vacuum, and has a natural membrane that allows most spills to simply sit on top of the rug.

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