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Carpet tile reviews and comments on products from our major brand partners;

DesignTek Carpet Tile, Fishman Carpet Tile, Hollytex Commercial, HomeSelect Tiles, Joy Carpet Tile, Kraus @Work, Kraus Carpet Tiles, Milliken Residential Tile, Mohawk Alladin, Philadelphia Carpet Tile, and Queen Carpet Tiles.

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Generally, lead times for most Carpet Tile wholesale brands run 4-8 weeks. We also maintain an inventory of 500,000-1,000,000 sq. ft of 1st quality overrun Carpet Tiles at all times available for immediate shipment.

Buying Modular Carpet Tile in a larger quantity than required for future replacement of the damaged or worn Modular Carpets is recommended.

We offer Carpet tile Squares in our CLEARANCE CENTER! Take a look now and save big!

kraus carpet streamline review+

Kraus @Work Carpet Tile Review


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