Carpet Tiles for Home or Office

We have had several questions about the carpet tiles we offer. Although most are commercial carpet in nature, they can be used residentially. Depending on the pattern you will get a look that is modern and is quite attractive, not to mention great wearability. Plus, they make for a great do it yourself project.

We offer carpet tiles in several different options. For larger jobs or continuity (you may need more at a later date), we offer DesignTek Modular Carpet Tiles, Shaw Philadelphia Carpet Tiles, Shaw Queen Carpet Tiles, and for day care, kids rooms, and schools we offer Joy Carpet Tiles (most available in broadloom as well).

For tremendous savings, we stock almost 500,000 square feet of 1st quality overruns in various colors and patterns in our “Carpet Tile Clearance Center“. Savings on these carpet tiles can be anywhere from 50-80% of their original value. Availablility for these tiles are limited to inventory on hand, although from time to time we will have access to some of the same patterns.

Installation methods vary depending on application. Kathryn (in the above pics) is using tape dots. These are sticky on both sides and work better on smooth surfaces. They do not work very well on concrete. For commercial applications and for concrete, we (and most manufacturers) recommend a pressure sensitve adhesive. This type of adhesive is releasable in case you want to rotate the tiles from high traffic areas to prolong carpet life. You apply the adhesive the same way as the dots, make about a 3 to 4 inch diameter dot on each corner and 1 or 2 more dots in the center.

Overall, for durability and ease of intallation, carpet tiles cannot be beat.


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